The Ecopia


150 Type


Designed for Passenger cars

150 Type


Designed for SUV’s & 4X4’s 

Rolling Resistance and
its effect on fuel consumption

The energy consumed by a vehicle’s four tyres, to keep it moving at a steady and straight pace, is called ‘rolling resistance’. The most important effect of rolling resistance can be seen in a vehicle's fuel consumption. The higher the rolling resistance, the more energy is required to keep the tyres in motion. This results in more fuel consumption for the vehicle which, in turn, translates to a higher expense on fuel for vehicle owners.

Bridgestone’s Mission and
the ECOPIA Range

In keeping with the Bridgestone mission statement - Serving Society with Superior Quality – the company launched the ECOPIA range of Eco-friendly tyres with state-of-the-art features that contribute to the reduction of a vehicle’s rolling resistance. This effectively lowers fuel consumption and simultaneously maintains Bridgestone’s high safety and comfort standards. The resulting reduction in fuel consumption also impacts the environment by lowering CO2 emissions.

The specially created ECOPIA compound uses reinforced particle technology and silica that together help in the reduction of heat build-up and loss of energy. Thanks to the extensive research and development of this compound, not only do the tyres provide reliable fuel economy but they do so without compromising on performance.

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